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Eyebrow Powders Choose Your Color

Eyebrow Powders Choose Your Color -
Eyebrow Powders Choose Your Color -
  • Get the full brow look 
  • water resistant 
  • no mineral oil 
  • includes brush 
  • micro fine powder 
  • Made In USA 

Transform sparse brows into full-looking brows. This powder instantly fills your brows to create a soft, natural brow look with a smooth, 12-hour formula. Lexi Noel Eyebrow Powder makes it easier than ever to create a natural-looking brow. Choose from our 6 natural shades, hand-picked for every brow tone.

SILVER BLACK:  Silver Black was designed for those with soft grey hair who want a bit of color in their brows. This soft black base gives a true silver tone.

JET BLACK:  Look no further than our Jet Black brow powder for that highly polished look. Gorgeous on!  

SOFT BLACK: Dark haired clients love our Soft Black powder  it gives the clean sharp perfect brow look they're after without being overpowering. 

LIGHT CHARCOAL: This is our lightest shade of black. The color adds softness to your brows creating a natural effect.

DARK BROWN: A warm rich chocolate brown, this powder is soft,smooth and creates a flawless effect. 

MEDIUM BROWN: Our medium brown is our most versatile color. Apply more  to create a stronger, more dramatic look. Apply less and blend to get a soft honey color.

LIGHT BROWN: Our warm toast color works well for a wide range of complexions and skin tones. It adds color to light brow hairs 

AUBURN: A rich shade, our warm auburn powder has just the right red hue. This shade is absolutely beautiful for those having auburn highlights or hair color.

    Eyebrow Powders Choose Your Color -
    Eyebrow Powders Choose Your Color -

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