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Lexi Noel, founder and CEO of Lexi Noel Beauty, is a social media and reality TV celebrity. Her exposure on E! Entertainment served as a gateway to perusing her passion: makeup.

In creating her own products, Lexi filled a void in the makeup industry. The all-organic products of Lexi Noel Beauty are cruelty-, gluten-, and paraben-free products that are designed to accentuate the natural loveliness in everyone. Lexi Noel Beauty's products don't clog pores, are better for the environment and your overall health, are not damaging to your skin, and—most importantly—are not harmful to animals.

Makeup enhances the beauty that's already in you, and Lexi believes makeup is to be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of gender. Makeup is a vehicle for expression and a conduit for a boost in confidence. Lexi shared her talents while on a nationwide tour with ULTA Beauty in 2015, showing aspiring enthusiasts how to keenly style makeup.

In 2016, she appeared as Georgia's representative on E! Entertainment's Catching Kelce, which is a dating reality TV show featured around Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. As a part of the show, Lexi stood out to audiences for her tasteful makeup and overall knack for style.

Lexi has embraced a career in music, honing her abilities under Justin Bieber's vocal coach. As a vocalist, Lexi has toured the U.S. and Canada, which included invitations from the world-famous Macy's department store in New York City and Six Flags to include its parks in the tour. Her debut EP, Sips White Wine, is an expression of the experiences she went through while on Catching Kelce.

Growing up with figure skating, modeling, and acting, Lexi has flourished with all things entertainment, personality, and beauty. Since her time on E! Entertainment, Lexi has been featured on shows like Steve Harvey and VH1's Hip Hop Squares, hosted by Ice Cube.
As an animal rights activist, Lexi has donated her time and talents to nonprofits such as PETA and ASPCA. Lexi also works with charities in the Los Angeles area and has lent her musical abilities to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

Lexi spends a lot of her downtime furthering her expertise in facial care, but she is an avid shopper and feeds her inner detective by delving into murder mystery shows. Lexi's love of animals is made evident in her seven rescue dogs.

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