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Why You Should Use Vegan And Organic Make Up Products

Why You Should Use Vegan And Organic Make Up Products

Flawless beauty is no doubt the desire of every lady. To achieve a better look, a huge number of us turn to the wide variety of makeup and skin care products available. This seems good on the surface, but, our skin can take in up to 60 percent of the products we apply. If these products are harmful, you can be sure of a negative kick back on your skin over time.

Now that fact screams caution in every word especially due to the fact that a good number of those products are synthetic, full of toxic chemicals and preservatives.  That said, a good alternative to these products is the use of vegan and organic make up products.  They are toxin free and are great on the skin. If you can go the extra mile to ensure your diet is healthy and nutritious, what's stopping you from cleaning up your beauty cabinet as well. So why exactly should you use vegan and organic make up products?

  • They Are Cruelty Free:

These products are manufactured without a single animal getting harmed in the process. In essence they are cruelty free unlike a bunch of several synthetic and toxic products which contain uric acid derived from cows, the grease obtained out of sheep's wool known as lanolin, and finally carmine which is essentially a red color derived from cochineal insects that have been crushed. This fact just makes anyone shudder. On the other hand, there is absolutely zero animal ingredients, animal derived products or by products in vegan and organic products. They are solely plant based and this makes them great for use. 

  • They Are Better For Your Skin:

Now, a lot of skeptics have several questions pertaining to vegan products. Do they last long?  How effective are they?. Vegan and organic make up products have absolutely amazing effects on your skin due to the fact that they are significantly closer to their natural state rather than synthetic make up products. It's a plus if you are one with a skin that's sensitive or prone to diverse conditions. You can be sure your skin is in good hands. The plant based ingredients contain a truck load of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals sufficient enough to repair the skin and keep it hydrated. These vitamins range from vitamins C, E and vitamin A. There are also natural oils such as Argan, coconut and several others.  Animal ingredients are great for clogging your pores  being harsh to your skin.

  • They Are Cost Effective:

There is absolutely no need for you to bother about how much money you need to obtain a vegan product. Veganism is now trendy and has attained wide popularity in the beauty department, it's now quite affordable. You don't have to be super rich or be a celebrity to go vegan.

  • It's Eco Friendly:

Regular or conventional beauty products make use of ingredients which are largely petroleum based and they also contain a huge amount of other chemicals that can be terribly harsh on the skin, the likes of lead, aluminium, and petroleum. These chemicals asides from their harsh qualities are mined in some of the most beautiful and naturally exquisite places mother nature and the world has to offer such as the Amazon rainforest. A good number of wild life's and huge expanse of land are sacrificed in obtaining chemicals for these conventional beauty products. 

  • Great Natural Fragrance:

A good number of people before making a purchase while shopping, by impulse take the products up to their nose. Especially when these products are beauty based. Fragrances that are man made are possible in triggering allergies, rashes and even several disorders in the nervous system. This goes to say that when deciding to make a purchase of beauty products, you might want to go for those whose scents are gotten totally from natural ingredients.

  • Guards Against Premature Ageing:

Makeup that is processed from natural minerals have a good level of protection from ultraviolet rays. The advantage here is that these rays when not checked can a lot of times result in skin aging sooner. This brings the need to purchase organic make up products that are also rich in minerals and vitamins such as vitamin C. This would aid a youthful looking and healthy skin.

  • Absence Of Harsh Chemicals:

Conventional make up can undoubtedly enhance appearance. However, this is on a temporary basis. The chemicals contained therein are extremely unfriendly to the skin and can result in irritations and allergies such as a reddish hue or breakout in acne. Now, this result is definitely not worth the money spent on the makeup and is definitely far from a great look once makeup is removed. Furthermore, the chemicals asides from being skin unfriendly are a hundred percent toxic to the endocrine system. Such substances contained in non organic make up products are parabens and phthalates. These are largely attributed to diabetes and cancer. It is therefore way safer to utilize organic products. The result of which is health with great looks.

Summarily, makeup is a vital beauty Item that's utilized worldwide by a millions of women on a daily basis. However, makeup products should enhance your beauty without any side effects. This extent of beauty with guaranteed health and protection is what vegan and organic makeup products give you. So instead of ditching the makeup kit for a purely natural look which a lot of us won't subscribe to, why not make a switch from the conventional synthetic option to the vegan and organic options. For the health of your skin and body, you should make that change.

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