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What are Lip Liners and How to Choose the Perfect Lip Liner for You

What are Lip Liners and How to Choose the Perfect Lip Liner for You


Lip liners should always be a part of your makeup essentials. These beauty tools help by giving a boost to enhance the shape of our lips, contour the lips, sharpen, darken or brighten. They make the lips go from bland and dull to glam and bright. Lip liners work as a border to keep the lipstick from smudging and can even be worn as a lip color. Some people feel lip liners are outdated, but they can be wonderful accents to your lip color. We just haven't known the benefits of these amazing products until now.

how to use lipliner

What are lip liners?

For a more definitive term, lip liner is a cosmetic applied to the outline of the lips  mainly to prevent any unwanted spreading of lipstick or lip gloss. Lip liners or lip pencils can also be used to give a smoother shape to both the lips and the lipstick. They're intended to create a bigger contrast to make the lips stand out.

The shape of lip liner

There are different types of lip liners and they can be shaped like a pencil, a retractable pen or a crayon. Here's how to choose a lip liner:

A pencil is the most popular lip liner option because of its creamy texture; it also adds a sharp definition to your lips. You could use the pencil lip liner to outline the edge of your lips and use the side of the pencil to color the outline. Remember to sharpen the lip liner pencil to give a better effect.

A retractive lip liner pen comes with a plastic twistable end that raises and retracts. It doesn't need to be sharpened. It's softer than a pencil lip liner and tends to give a heavy outline. Be careful with these because too much pressure could end up breaking the liner easily.

crayon lip liner is similar to a lip liner pencil but it's bigger and covers more volume. There's also a smaller and bolder type of crayon lip liner depending on your preference. The crayon pencil gives a natural look and can  be worn as a lip color throughout the day.

Shades of lipliners

Lip liners are available in a variety of shades. They can range from red, black and plum to peach, brown and purple. As long as there's a lipstick color, there's always a shade of lip liner, if not lighter darker. There's also neutral or invisible lip liner. It's colorless and it gives the illusion of a smoother lip. We have just released our latest lip liners in nine exciting new colors.

How to choose lip liner based on based on lip color

Lip liners can change the shape of your lips, but you may wonder if lip liner color has to be the same shade as your lipstick. It doesn't have to because the main purpose of lip liner is to add definition to your lips. You want to use shades that match your lipstick to give a beautiful effect. Even though it's not necessary to use the same shades, try not to overdo it; you don't want to look like a peacock. You could use lip liners that are a shade lighter or darker than your lipstick. Try to use products in the same family color. If you want to go for a natural look, you could get a color that matches the color of your lip. If you change your lip color regularly, try getting a lip liner that can suit whatever lipstick you are using. One great benefit of lip liner is that it not only shapes the lips it also prevents feathering and boosts the longevity of your lipstick. You could also use reverse lip liners or invisible lip liners because they are colorless and you won't need to match shades.

How to choose lip liner based on skin complexion

Sometimes we buy lip liners and they just end up in the bottom of our makeup bags because the lip liner doesn't match our complexion. It's not just about having different shades of lip liners or because you've seen it on a celebrity's face and it suits her; it's about knowing the right shade for your skin tone. So here are tricks to finding the right lip liner for your skin tone:

  • Know your undertone: The first thing you need to know before getting a lip liner is to know your undertone. Everyone has an undertone - cool or warm - so knowing your undertone will help you choose the perfect lip liner. One easy way you can identify your undertone is by holding a silver and gold earring up to your face. If the silver earring suits you more, then you have a cooler undertone, but if the gold suits you more, you have a warmer undertone.
  • Find shades that match your undertone: Now that you know your undertone you need to find matching shades. Cool complexions look best with lip liners with bluish or purple undertones. For this skin tone, try not to use light colors because it can make you look faded. If you are using red, use shades like plum rather than orange. If you have a warm undertone, orange and red shades are best for you. Warm undertones or complexions are skin colors with olive, golden or yellow hues. For a neutral skin tone, complexions that could be cool or warm, you can experiment and try out different shades because any hue will look good on you.

Lip liners can help you achieve different looks. They're not just for the lip-loving set. Even if you are not a fan of lip makeup, you could still benefit from lip liners. You could pick a new lip liner that's close to your lip shade, outline the lips, buff the edges to the center with a brush and apply lip gloss for a great look. You can find more articles online to help you to choose the perfect lip liner.


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