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What are the different types of hair?

What are the different types of hair?

First no matter your hair type...your hair is beautiful. Yes it can seem like it has a mind of its own. Their are the days you have nothing planned and your hair looks amazing then on that friends night out you wonder.what happen to my hair? Our hair can makes us happy one day and literally throwing it in a bun out of frustration the next day. But knowing your hair types helps in learning how to manage it. We have four hair types: Straight, Wavy, Curly and Coily. 


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Straight hair has no natural curl. Straight hair may be fine, coarse, thick, or thin but they still have curl or wave unless added.

Straight hair has a tendency to become oily, so many stylists recommend that you check the label to be sure the product for ingredients that will add oil to your hair. Dry shampoos are a great product to use in between washes to control excess oil. Washing your hair too often can produce excess oils.


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Wavy hair comes in 3 types. The first at eye level the hair looks fairly straight but as you look further down the length of the hair its ends have a loose, undefined wave.

The second curls have a more defined S shape. It may be a effort to straighten, but it’s easy to create that beachy look.

The third are the most well-defined S-shaped waves. The wave pattern goes from the top to the bottom and flows downward. This type of hair is often thick and can be prone to frizz.

To reduce frizz, this type of hair should be dried with a diffuser. Avoid daily straightening, which can damage hair, and instead try to find ways to control the waves. 

Look for hair care products that are not oil-based or creamy products. We recommend that you look for anti-humidity ingredients and ones that offer moisture. Increase even more wave control with a light mousse or use a gel for definition. 


Curly Hair Detangler

curly hair detangler

Curly hair also have 3 different curl patterns. However all patterns have one thing in common, brushing this type of hair can ruin your curl definition and lead to frizzy hair.

The first curly hair pattern has S-shaped curls form loose loops. It is important to know that styling your hair with this pattern is important. If you enjoy ponytails beyond the gym...stop. Two reasons, pulling your hair back into a ponytail causes curls to lose their formation and you will also start to see thinning and hair loss at your hairline due to weight of your hair pulling on the front of your hair.

The second pattern curls start from the roots and have nice volume. To maintain their natural spiral shape, these curls need moisture. Best ingredients in your curls products to avoid are silicone and sulfates. They can dry hair over time and lead to breakage.

The final curly pattern are in the shape of a corkscrew. These curls are tight and springy. Avoid combing, which can give you frizz and even worse, breakage. Use products like a leave in conditioner or detangler. Distribute the product evenly throughout your hair. When drying this pattern air dry instead of blow drying.


 First, this hair type is the most delicate hair type. You have to be very gentle with it, it needs a lot of moisture and it should be worn in loose in wash-and-go styles. Weaves and braids should be avoided. There is a false narrative that hiding hair protects it while they grow out instead it doesn't allow for much needed conditioning treatments. When you have your for weeks in braids or weave the curl formation is completely gone. So you risk losing your natural curls. Also, the cuticles become so dry from lack of moisture that they can easily break when you take out the braids.

Be careful to not comb roughly or too often, and most of all nourish the hair with rich conditioners.

Use products that contain coconut oils and shea butter. If possible do co-washing, or rinsing the hair with conditioners instead of shampoos.

We all love to have fun with our hair and use different styles to express our own unique personalities. But most important is to always consider the health of your hair and what products work best for your hair type.

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