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Top 5 Beyonce Looks

Top 5 Beyonce Looks

Beyonce! She's known as Queen Bey and Sasha Fierce. Her fans are part of the BeyHive. She's worshipped all over the world for her music and her style. Want to know more about some of her beauty and makeup looks? Read on!

Coachella Look

Remember Beyonce at Coachella? Her stylist says he doesn't use setting spray so how does she keep from sweating off all her makeup during those sets under the hot desert sun? Layers. Layers of cream and powder foundation, cream and powder blush, cream and powder eyeshadows and matte and cream lipstick. Try Lexi Noel Beauty Liquid Matte Lipstick in six gorgeous colors and our powder eyeshadows in a variety of matte and shimmer shades.

The Metallic Eye

To get the Bey glimmer, accent the inner corners of your eyes with a light gold (instead of white) to make them pop. How about a gold shimmer shadow like Lexi Noel Beauty's 24 Karat?

Beachy Waves

Beyonce's beach waves are world-renowned. Get yours with a beach spray which is any sea-salt-based or texturizing spray. Living Proof Style Lab makes an instant texture mist for $26.

The Glamorous Life

Beyoncé balances her glam look with loose curls, matte skin, and a nude lip (Lexi Noel Beauty Lip Lacquer in Smart or Lipstick Lip Color in Beachy). Remember this: one part of your look should stop traffic, the other, barely there.

Go Bold

The year was 2014. The place: The Met Gala. Beyoncé wore a veil and dark wine lipstick (Lexi Noel Beauty Metallic Lip Color in Wicked) which could easily look too dark or goth. How did she manage to look feminine and pretty? She used light makeup on her eyes and slicked back her hair, so the rest of her look was the focus. 

She's a global superstar, wife and mom with an unlimited beauty budget, but we hope you can use some of these tips to get Beyonce's look without breaking the bank.


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