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Tips for Choosing the Perfect Holiday Gift

Perfect Holiday Gift

Make It Swift—Shopping for the Perfect Holiday Gift

Can you believe Thanksgiving is already gone and the holidays have arrived? Winter is certainly an exciting time if year; too bad we miss so much of December’s magic by running around, trying to pick out the perfect holiday gifts for all our family and friends. But, you don’t have to lose your Christmas spirit to holiday shopping stress. Here are few simple tips to help you shop with ease and still give the perfect holiday gift this season.

How to Shop for the Ideal Present

Perfect Holiday Gift1. Never rule out food. We all have that one person in our lives we can never seem to find the perfect holiday gift for. Well, one thing is guaranteed: They eat and like food. Whether you get them a gift basket full of baked goodies or a gift card to their favorite restaurant, food is always an appreciated gift. Just one exception: Do not give them uncooked food. Would you bake a box of brownie mix someone gifted to you? Unless the person you’re shopping for is avidly in the kitchen 24-7, gift only ready-to-eat snacks.

2. Don’t shop deals. Days like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are ideal for grabbing the season’s hottest items at a low price. More often than not on those days, we buy products we had no intention of buying in the first place. Shopping for deals will have us buying something we only kind of want rather than a product we must have. Imagine this: You buy the full-series DVD set of a sitcom that stopped airing a decade ago—but it was 50 percent off! Will the person you’re getting it for actually watch it, or did you get it only because it was cheap? Sure, you can shop on a budget, but get a thoughtful gift your friend will absolutely love; worry about the price tag later.

3. Get something you’d use for yourself. In other words, don’t give a present that’ll end up being re-gifted. If you have a product you use religiously and think your friend will love it just as much, Christmas time is a wonderful time to introduce it to a friend. Whether makeup or a fitness tracker, give a memorable gift that your friend will want to use daily. For example, the Pressed Highlighter Color Splash by Lexi Noel Beauty would make a great gift or stocking stuffer. Its multi-toned pigment can adapt to any skin complexion, and it comes ready with a small mirror that makes applying on-the-go easy. Who wouldn’t love that?

4. Give with a purpose. Don’t give a gift just to give a gift. Think about who you’re getting a present for and what they mean to you. At the end of the day, a gift is a gesture of love and appreciation. Make sure what you’re gifting reflects that. If you simply just want to spend time with your friend, get them two tickets to a movie or play to make a night out of it. Be creative and have fun with your holiday shopping.

The Perfect Holiday Gift: Lexi Noel Beauty Products

Perfect Holiday GiftAs a standout on E! Entertainment’s Catching Kelce for her tasteful makeup and overall knack for style, Lexi Noel makes beauty products that enhance the beauty already in you. Whether as stocking stuffers, in a gift basket, or as a standalone gift, our products will make the perfect holiday gift. Visit our products page to see all Lexi Noel Beauty has to offer. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more.

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