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The Makeup Brushes You Need in Your Makeup Bag

The Makeup Brushes You Need in Your Makeup Bag

While researching this blog, it was amazing to see how many brushes are considered "essential" for your makeup bag. Some beauty experts say seven, others say 10. There's bronzer brushes, highlight brushes, crease brushes and stippling brushes, whatever that is! A good set of high quality brushes has the ability to make even cheap makeup look amazing, while the wrong brushes will take away from the look of high quality, designer make up. We've tried to narrow it down to the five listed below. 

Lexi Noel Beauty Blend Me Perfect Blender Beauty Sponge

While not exactly a brush, the beauty blender has become the go-to product for blending makeup, applying foundation, contouring and highlighting as well as a number of other things. This sponge is specially designed to give makeup an expert boost. The shape is easy and comfortable to grip and use.  The result is an effortless and flawless application of any cream, liquid, or powder makeup including foundation, BB/CC cream, highlighter/illuminator, bronzer, or blush. And it's latex-free!

Lexi Noel Beauty Professional Liquid Foundation Makeup Brush

A foundation brush is crucial to applying foundation correctly. A high-performance, cruelty-free, liquid foundation brush that’s designed for effortless application and blending! This liquid foundation brush with synthetic bristles that delivers the feel and texture of natural hair for flawless application and seamless blending. Use it for buffing, blending, and building coverage with liquid foundations or liquid makeup products 

Lexi Noel Beauty Full Face Application Makeup Brush

Designed for on-the-go application, brush heads are made of high-quality bristles that help you apply product and deliver flawless dimension and highlight to the entire face. Its premium, synthetic fibers are densely packed, making it ideal for applying and blending liquid and cream foundation as well as blush.

Lexi Noel Beauty Shadow Brush

Eye shadow is an integral part of any makeup look and therefore it’s critical to have this brush in order to apply and blend your shadows. A great brush will not only ensure long lasting application, it will help you blend your shadows to create the perfect smoky eye! Lexi Noel Beauty Shadow Brush is a versatile eye shadow brush that allows for controlled application of color to any desired area of the lid. Great for powder eye shadows!

A Lip Brush

A lip brush will ensure that when you apply lip gloss or lipstick that your color goes on exactly where you want it to go and that you can shape your lips the way you like. We’ve all had those times when we’ve applied lipstick way outside our natural lip line by accident because the tip was too broad. You can ensure that never happens again with a lip brush.

By the way, a stippling brush is a great tool for women who are looking to get an airbrushed finish with their foundation. If you're familiar with art or arts and crafts, stippling is when you work a surface with small dots of paint. With liquid or cream foundation, it's often known as real-life airbrushing as it's how you achieve a flawless finish and disguise imperfections! Your fun fact for the day!

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