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The Eyes Have It

The Eyes Have It

Bring Attention to Your Eyes

As I mentioned in my previous blog, your eyes are the most prominent feature on your face. They can make or break an entire look. If done well, your eyes can complete your outfit and can really be accessories. That being said, your eyes might be the hardest feature to perfect, so mastering them is a must.

Tips and Tricks to Styling Your Eyes Like a Pro

The way you style your eyes can transform your whole look. Let's take a look at the essentials to getting your eyes on-point. 👌

1. Eyebrows

Up until a few years ago, eyebrows were something most Beauty Bebes tweezed only every few weeks or so. Nowadays, eyebrows are such a stress point—they’re almost the centerpiece of any look. Can you imagine what we’d look like without them? They express emotion and bring character to our face. When making your eyes pop, start by filling in your eyebrows. This will bring attention to your eyes; just ask Cara Delevingne.

2. Eyeshadow

Perfecting your eyeshadow is where a lot of Beauty Bebes spend the most time. Start by applying a primer. This will reduce the visibility of your eyes’ natural creases. Next, add some depth. You can do this by penciling in a tone that’s just a bit darker than your natural skin.

After that, add some color! Which color? Well, aim to match your outfit. Adding color to your eyes is a chance to make a color in your outfit stand out. Avoid bright reds because those tones can unintentionally make your eyes look tired. Although, deep reds can be elegant and beautiful, so feel free to use those if they complement your outfit.

One last step! Don’t forget the eyeliner. 😉

3. Style

There are four popular ways to style your eyes: highlight, smoky, cut crease or editorial eye.

  • Highlight: Just like you would apply a nice shimmer to your cheek, you can use that same look to get vibrant eyes.
  • Cut Crease: The cut crease shown in the picture here is a look that highlights the entire eyelid. Use an eyeshadow brush to draw a line where your eyelid crease is. Then use a flat brush to blend. Voila!
  • Smoky: Add a mysterious flair to your look. The smoky eye puts an emphasis on your outer lashes, which really calls attention to your eyes in a subtle way.
  • Editorial: The editorial look is a lot like the smoky eye except with some color. As mentioned above in the eyeshadow section, be mindful of which color you pick.
4. Mascara

First off, I know some of you Beauty Bebes pump your mascara. This is such a bad habit that even I’ve been guilty of in the past. When you pump your mascara, you’re allowing air to get into the container, which allows bacteria to sit and grow in your mascara. That could cause an uncomfortable infection that’s so not worth it. Also, pumping your mascara dries it out quicker, so there’s absolutely no reason to do it in the first place. The more you know!

Now that I’m off my soapbox, let’s talk about applying mascara. Start by curling your eyelashes. This can help them look fuller and longer. Next, apply a few coats to your lashes. Now you’re on your way to having Mila Kunis lashes. 👀

If you need some help with your lashes, don’t worry! My mink lashes are perfect for any occasion. Once you apply them, you’ll have Kim K. vibes all day long.

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