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Quit Clowning Around with Your Cosmetics, Common Makeup Mistakes

Quit Clowning Around with Your Cosmetics, Common Makeup Mistakes

The Juggling Act of Getting It Just Right

First off, let’s get one thing straight: Having too much makeup on is not possible but, wearing too much can be. Now, all of us makeup enthusiasts at one point in our lives have heard, “You look like a clown with all that makeup on.” I would never want any of my Beauty Bebes to be shamed for experimenting but, people might make a comment about the amount of makeup an enthusiast wears because it’s poorly applied or is the wrong type of product for your unique complexion. 

Beauty Bebes, I LOVE makeup! I can’t get enough of how much makeup enhances our natural beauty. Today, however, let’s expand what we know about cosmetics by exploring and learning from the most common makeup mistakes.

Makeup Styles That Need Work

I want to start by saying that we have all made mistakes with makeup. Being a makeup enthusiast means you are always learning and growing. If you make any of these mistakes right now, don't feel defeated, you’ll get better. Trends are constantly changing; techniques, makeup, and tools are always evolving. That being said, let’s get into what not to do when it comes to makeup.

1. Your Foundation is the Wrong Tone

Are we ever satisfied with how we look? Sometimes, us ladies don’t like our natural skin tone. We might try to soften our look with a foundation that’s too light or give ourselves a nice tan with a tone that’s too dark. Generally, you want your foundation to look natural. As I always say, makeup is to enhance your natural beauty; it’s not to change how you look. Be extra cautious of clashing foundation when you’re wearing a low-cut shirt that exposes your natural skin tone. One last tip on foundation: Always take the extra time needed to get a smooth blend. That added attention and care will give a noticeable difference to your look.

2. Putting Emphasis on Your Whole Face

Some makeup artists are too talented for their own good. They want to show off how amazing they are at lips and eyes. You can do this on different outings, but not all at once. The most beautiful makeup applications put a focus on one part of the face—not all of them at once. Having too much going on can make your face look cluttered.

3. Using the Wrong Color Around Your Eyes

Rose gold is an absolutely stunning color, but it sometimes doesn’t work as eyeliner. Red tints around your eyes will give you an unwanted tired look. Be mindful and selective of which colors you use around your eyes, keeping in mind how different colors might be perceived. Red can sometimes be a super cute color to apply, but you have to know when and how to use it.

4. Foregoing Skincare

Beauty Bebes, developing a routine and sticking to it is hard, I know, but I cannot stress enough to you how important being thorough, persistent, and enthusiastic about maintaining healthy skin is. The results will deeply improve your look and will provoke compliments like you wouldn’t believe. You have beautiful skin, so don’t give up on it.

5. Keeping and Using Old Products

Have you ever had a go-to top get a hole in it? It’s devastating. You want to keep it because it’s so pretty and maybe set you back a little, but you know you have to toss or donate it. Well, unfortunately, that’s how makeup products are. You might have to part with them before you're completely finished with them. Over time, cosmetics become unhealthy to use. Just like food, makeup has a best-by date—not written on the label. If you keep your products after they expire, you’re running the risk of getting an infection or having past-their-prime cosmetics that don’t quite apply like they used to. Using old products could be discouraging when you can't nail that look you were going for; if you're using old products, it could be the makeup's fault.

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