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New Year's Eve Easy Makeup Ideas You Will Want To Try

New Year's Eve Easy Makeup Ideas You Will Want To Try

New Year’s Eve Makeup Ideas You Will Want To Try

As the New Year's Eve draws near, two options have presented themselves: You can decide to enter a New Year with your usual makeup routine of a lip gloss and black eyeliner look, or you can try out a different look that would leave you standing out among the crowd. Should the dear old you enter the New Year, or are you welcoming the New Year differently?

Try all those wild makeup ideas that you have always wanted to try. It's the New Year's Eve. There is virtually no rules when it comes to that. Take your hair down, and experience welcoming the new year.

Swing your entire self into the festive mood by adorning yourself with the sparkles and glitter. Below are great New Year's Eve makeup looks that you can try out. These looks are awesome, don't be scared. The glitzier, the better.

Chunky Glitter Lips

Who wouldn't want to have their lips kissed by their loved one on New Year's Eve, as the countdown for the New Year begins? Well, we all want to. Make your lips enticing by adorning this glitter pout, and make the midnight kiss one you remember. This makeup look can be done using gloss, lipstick and loose glitter. You can find the perfect color on LexiNoelBeauty.Com where their glitter is FDA Certified for use on your lips..

Starry Eyes

Imagine staring into the night as you wait for the New Year to come along. What else could give your eyes a great effect than the starry eyes? This look can be achieved by taking the shimmer of various gems and attaching them on your eyelids. Make use of eyelash glue to make them stick.

Chic Nude Lip

From the two makeup ideas discussed above, you must already know that we are lovers of the glitter look during the New Year's Eve. Not everyone is a fan of the glitter look; hence we have decided to diversify. You can try out a chic smoky eye look. Once you are going for this, it won't be a bad idea to pair it with a nude lip.


Chrome Starry Nails

Since it's going to be a starry night on New Year's Eve, who said your nails shouldn't glow as the stars? No one! The chrome trend is forever here to stay, and it is awesome to crown the New Year's Eve look. Your entirety must be different from your usual you on New Year Eve; hence your nails shouldn't be forgotten. Leave behind some blacks on your chrome fingernails.

Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray

Have your makeup set using a setting spray


New Year's Eve is one time that you don't want to be caught with cakey looking makeup. Definitely hell to the no! This means that your makeup has to be in place via setting. Note that you will spend all day and night, having fun, dancing from one place to the other. There will be times you want to take pictures for Insta or post videos or maybe even live stream. No one wants to wake up the next morning to see that bad makeup post. No one wants to be used as an example of how never to use makeup, or become a viral meme in a negative way. For your pictures to always remain cute, set that makeup. To do this, get a spray that can have your makeup set, and reduce the oil all at once. Urban Decay makes one of the most popular setting sprays. When using it, follow the directions to make sure you have even coverage.


Turn That Blush or Highlighter Into An Eye Shadow

What? You are probably wondering if you just read that right. Of course, you did! Forget the labels. As long as your blush or highlighter is of high quality and is not outrageous looking, it won't be a bad idea to use your go-to blush on your eyes or even as a touch up if that long lasting eyeshadow didn't live up to the hype.Come on; it's New Year's Eve. Experiment!

This will give off a subtle definition, and make it seem that you opted for a monochromatic appearance and its probably easier to carry in your purse than that 48 eyeshadow palette.

Contour With Your Concealer

Do we keep getting more outrageous by the second? There is probably a summer concealer that you have stashed away because your skin tone during the winter is lighter than it. Bring it out and make use of it as a contour stick. Yes!

This will give you the chiseled party look. Have the wand traced along the jawbone, hairline, as well as the cheekbones.

To give your nose its desired effect of slimming, it won't be a bad idea to have two lines drawn on each side of the nose.

Immediately you have drawn the contour lines, the next line of action is to seek for the lightest concealer shade, and have it applied on your nose's bridge, below your eyes, chin, and even your forehead's center to have them both highlighted and brightened. Try and have it blended using a beauty blender.

Bring out your bright eyeshadow and Scotch tape.

We all love the backstage look. Why then can't we have them recreated on our faces this New Year's Eve? To get started, make use of a Scotch Magic Tape and a hue for eyeshadow that is not seen on you regularly or at all. Use your intuition. The Scotch Magic Tape can be the one that you made use of days in the past to have those Christmas gifts wrapped. Ensure that the tape is placed on each eye's outer corner at a 45-degree angle.

After that, try to apply a bright cream shade of your eyeshadow using a tiny brush. The function of the strip of tape is a stencil-like work preventing the eyeshadow from being distorted.

To get this done easier, it won't be a bad idea to first work on your eye makeup before the rest of your face. This will allow you to easily wipe off smudges without distorting any other facial makeup. When you are done with the eye, then you can move to the rest.


New Year's Eve is the best and most fun time to try a makeup look that is outside of your comfort zone and creative. With everyone celebrating with themed sunglasses and party hats your new makeup look could easily be the talk of the party with guests asking how you did it and of course requests of could you do their makeup. Have a great New Year from all of us at Lexi Noel Beauty and thank you for making 2018 an incredible year. 

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