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Makeup Looks for Your First Interview

Makeup Looks for Your First Interview

It's been said that employers make decisions about job applicants in under seven minutes. So your hair and makeup at the club last weekend is probably not going to be your best look at your interview. A good first impression is essential to getting a second interview and/or the job. Some of the basic interview do's are, hopefully, basic common sense: arrive early enough to get settled, be nice to the receptionist, put your phone away and give a firm handshake. How you should wear your makeup may not be as simple. A few tips are listed below.


You want a natural look so use a foundation with a natural finish to give you a bit of glow.


Key word: subtle. Use just enough blush to give your cheekbones a soft pop of color.


Unless you're interviewing for a job at a cosmetics store, it's probably a good idea to leave the false eyelashes at home. You may not need to add eyeliner, either. Think neutral for your eyes. A few simple swipes of mascara is all you need so your lashes don't look clumpy. Lexi Noel Beauty has a luscious, deep-black mascara that creates intense lash looks in a creamy, waterproof, and drama-free formula that lasts throughout the day. The lash brush features a bristle weave design that coats and texturizes lashes in less strokes—creating a striking lash look that lasts all day. 


For an interview, a neutral lip color is also preferable. A tinted lip balm does double duty by giving you sheer color and keeping your lips hydrated; just remember to pick a light shade that highlights your lips and not the color. If you like lip gloss, choose a thin, moisturizing glass that won't get too sticky or smear while you're talking. Try any one of our lip colors in gloss, lacquer or lipstick formulas. A great gloss: Lexi Noel Beauty Diamond Infused Lip Gloss or Lexi Noel Beauty Matte Lip Color in Tamed.


Many people get nervous at interviews. The last you want to do is start fiddling with your hair, so try an undo, a ponytail or clip your hair back away from your face. For  natural, vegan haircare products, try Lexi Noel Beauty Deep Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner.


Should you wear perfume or cologne? Some people are very sensitive to scent. Besides that, you don't want to overpower your future job setting with your perfume and have your scent linger longer than your presence at the interview! If in doubt, let your soap and water do the job.

But when you do want a new fragrance in your life, try our new perfumes, Perfect and Gift, both made with clean ingredients. Also, try Torn for men.


Forget the stiletto or ballerina manicure this week. These shapes are on trend and all, but a prospective employer is going to wonder how you'll be able to get anything done with those nails. Think short and simple with a soft, neutral nail color.

What about Tattoos?

Depending on your field (and your tattoo!), your body art may be judged, whether it's consciously or not. Even though tattoos are pretty mainstream these days, there are still people, especially older people in corporate settings, who may have a bias. In 2018, approximately 1 in 5 Americans had a tattoo, but nearly 40% of hiring managers ranked tattoos as the third most-likely physical feature to limit someone's careers. So, think carefully and consider covering it up with a product like Lexi Noel Beauty Skin Corrector Kits. They are available in two colors: light/medium and tan/dark and can be used on eyes and face for highlighting, neutralizing, contouring, achieving building coverage, concealing tattoos, hyper-pigmentation, scars, and balancing pigmentation. The palette includes a range of shades for all skin tones. 

First impressions can last long, especially when it comes to personal interviews. Apart from your work experience, sincerity, prompt answers, and smartness, it's also your looks that can set you apart from others. Be remembered for what you can offer your new employer, not your false eyelash that fell off mid-interview!

Happy job hunting! 

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