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List Of Must Have Essentials You Need In Your Makeup Bag

List Of Must Have Essentials You Need In Your Makeup Bag


We all have those times when we have to decide what make to buy and what not to, or even when cleaning out the make bag it’s a dilemma deciding the ones to keep and the ones to let go of, because ‘how can you let go of something that gives your beauty that pop and glow?’. Here is the thing about makeup bags, it helps to get things in order and with the right items you will realize you don’t need pretty much everything. Let’s get on to essentials you must have in your makeup bag and why they are excellent choices.

Lip Gloss

If anyone is yet to discover the magic of lip-glosses then perhaps they haven’t been paying close attention, lip gloss is of those make up essentials that always find a way to stick around no matter the trend and for good reason., lipsticks are good but lip gloss are great because of a variety of reasons first is the most obvious one that they make the lips look plump and luscious and hello! Who doesn’t like luscious lips? Lip gloss has gone beyond the era of being sticky to being smooth and with good texture, not to mention they do not only look hydrating they are hydrating. You don’t have to give up the pigmentation of lipsticks to enjoy these benefits because lip glosses come in a variety of colors and tones and if you happen to eat something like a hamburger and need to reapply, it is easy. With lip-gloss it is ‘goodbye chapped lips and hello plump lips with interesting colors.


Dab, dab, dab and open your eyes and behold your glow and I am sure your fairy godmother will be very proud. Highlighters are interesting to use and experiment with, it has that lift that adds a little radiance to any look so yes, it is an essential to have in a makeup bag and if you are not bought over yet, then here are a few things a highlighter can do for you. It makes your skin look polished in a sort of way that gives a beautiful glow, just dab it on the right places, which is brightening to any makeup look you decide to go with. It can brighten the eyes, help highlight the lips, the cheek, the forehead, basically anywhere it is applied. I mean, it is called a highlighter for a reason.


May we be reminded of a saying that “our eyes speak volumes”, and for this reason makeup is hardly complete without touching the eye and one of the very defining eye makeup is the eyeshadow. going for a nude or a dark smokey eyes look, an eyeshadow can be exciting because it really brings out the eyes and when applied in a way that is suited for the shape of the eye it can wakeup the entire face. Lastly, in an event where a highlighter or a blush is not at hand, guess who can come to the rescue, eyeshadow.

Compact travel makeup remover

After looking absolutely stunning all day, you have to clean off the makeup as a healthy skin routine to give the skin some room to breathe, I know right, why do we have to wipe off the glamour? A compact travel makeup remover can come in handy at the end of the day because you my feel too tired to hop into the bathroom and they can give you a break at times like this. They come in compatible sizes, they are convenient and they can be packed with minerals and vitamins that can be beneficial to the skin and lastly they are amazing as a makeup corrector.

Foundation and Concealer

Some people shy away from using foundations and concealers because they find it hard to pick out their right color, but foundations and concealers can serve as a good coverage and base beneath your powder to give off a flawless smooth skin. to mention that on a good day, with the right foundation and concealer you can skip the powder and create some contouring on the face all with the presence of these products in your makeup bag. If you are concerned about color matching visit your local makeup or department store and one of their specialists will be happy to tell you which color best describes your base, maybe its a warm beige or a sandy tone.  Take time out at a makeup store to find out your coloring so that you can enjoy the benefit of ordering concealers and foundations online with confidence.

BB cream brow liner

You read it above, how enhancing the eyes makes a large difference in the entire face makeup look, well the brows sits right above the eye and is part of the entire eye presence and if you want to have make that slays, you should not sleep on this makeup item. BB cream brow liner can help define the brows, fill it and give the face an extra lift. In addition, it blends perfectly, stays on and the BB brand produces impressive products.

Body spray/perfume

Wearing a good scent is a way to make an impression because it is true that people remember scents longer. Even after a bath, wearing some sort of scent is a way to make yourself appear more appealing at any time, in fact some things can be said about the personality of a person from how he/she smells. In summary, perfume/body spray are makeup bag essentials because they add to a person’s demeanor, and they help to appear appealing.

Mascara and Eyelashes

Mascara brings us back to the eye again, see how important it is? Mascara works on the lashes and can be done either to darken lashes and add volume or make it appear longer in order to make the eye pop. Mascaras come in variety of colors too but the black is a common choice for most people despite that an addition of colour can be fun. Mascaras are so important because due to what it does to the lashes, it allows the eyes to be highlighted beautiful and it complements the application of eyeshadow. If you want more natural drama to your eyes then false lashes are the way to go. Today's lashes, are light and easy to apply. They come as synthetic or mink. You can purchase then in huge range of sizes and most will tell you on the packaging what type of look they will provide from every day natural to more night time glam. False eye lashes are a great easy essential in your makeup bag. 

In conclusion, these essential makeup items can help anyone have an interesting makeup look and they are fun and easy to carry around even when packing for a short trip and with the right creativity you may hardly notice the absence of other things.

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