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The Hunt for the Perfect Beauty Product

The Hunt for the Perfect Beauty Product

When Will the Pursuit End?

Why is it that we can never seem to find the perfect product? We constantly try different brands and different combos, but nothing seems to satisfy. With the endless amount of products available to us, how can we determine which works best for us?

How to Find Your Ideal Beauty Products

Between hearing celebrity endorsements and getting a recommendation from a friend, everyone always seems to have the solution to our beauty product problems. The reality is that you need to figure out your solution. Let's go step-by-step to know what to keep an eye out for.


Even though it’s forgotten or ignored a lot, skincare is such a vital routine to develop and maintain. Most people, including myself, prefer foaming cleansers. Depending on your skin type, you might want oil control or a scrub to cleanse with. The main point here is that you actually get and use a cleanser. 


If you have naturally oily skin, you might be afraid to moisturize on a regular basis. Believe me, I get it. There’s nothing worse than having unwanted shine on your face. Applying a touch of coconut oil under your makeup will pay off in ways you wouldn’t believe. Having healthier skin will make your makeup look better overall. Maybe you’ve been buying the right products all along and just need to moisturize a little more. 😊


For smooth coverage, you’ll want a few products for your foundation. Start with color-correcting concealers. Cosmopolitan offers great advice on which colors to use for different needs. From there, look for a concealer and an easily blendable foundation. 


Your eyes are probably the most prominent and versatile features on your face. From adding lashes to applying the smoky look, you have so many options on how to style your eyes. I would recommend focusing on your lashes, blending your eyeliner, and getting a good pencil for your brows.


As we’ve seen in spring seasons past, bright matte lips are going to dominate the scene. Matte lips aren’t the only way to go, though. That’s just one of countless styles that you could use this spring. Glossy lips are perfect for the casual, fun look.

Get Your look with Lexi Noel Beauty

When it’s all said and done, you need to find out what works for you. We are all so uniquely and beautifully made. Our distinctive look can only be attained with a personal combination of products. There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to which products you need. We go on the hunt to find the perfect beauty products because we need to find what works best for us. Kendall’s go-to products work for Kendall, but they might not work for you. We all have our own style.

My products at Lexi Noel Beauty are designed to be easy to apply, versatile, and high-quality. Going through the struggle of finding products myself, I wanted to create products that would suit everyone’s style and personalities. Check out Lexi Noel Beauty's products to see what a difference they make. If you're not already, check us out on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram for upcoming deals and more tips. For tutorials and vlogs, subscribe to Lexi's YouTube channel.

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