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Tips On How To Apply and Use Liquid illuminators Makeup

how to use liquid illuminator and which color to choose for skin type fair medium or dark

How To Apply  And Use Liquid Illuminator Makeup


Every woman wants to glow, both literally and figuratively, when she steps out day or night. Liquid illuminator is a part of the makeup process which will leave your face glowing literally. The illuminators are applied to specific parts of your skin to make them look brighter and give that natural glow look.


As a first time user of liquid illuminator, you might need some tips to apply it properly and if you’ve already been applying liquid illuminator, these tips below can help you ensure you are applying it correctly. Steps to apply liquid illuminator include:


Get the right illuminator for your skin tone

When applying a liquid illuminator, it is important that you select one which blends nicely with your skin in order to avoid an unflattering look. For light skin, go for a peachy, pink or clear liquid illuminator and for a darker skin tone, it is advisable that you go for gold or bronze liquid illuminator.


Apply illuminator after foundation

Ideally, the foundation is to be the first makeup on your face to set the base. Afterward, before you go on to apply your powder or blush, apply the liquid illuminator on your face. This makes the illuminator blend into your makeup properly.


Apply illuminator on your cheeks

The first place to apply your illuminator is on the cheeks. There are people who only apply illuminators on their cheek because on the cheeks alone, it gives your face all the glow it needs. In order to apply it, smile to find your upper cheekbone. Next, use your fingers to apply the liquid illuminator on your upper cheekbone. When applying the illuminator, begin with a little amount to ensure you get it right before applying more.

how to use liquid illuminator makeup

                                       Apply illuminator on nose bridge

After applying the illuminator on your cheeks, the next part of your face to apply it is on the bridge of your nose. With your fingers dab the liquid illuminator down the bridge of your nose in little amount first. Ensure it goes down a straight slim line on your face as asides the glow, the illuminator is also to give your nose a slimmer look make sure it looks blended in.

buy makeup online liquid illuminator highlighter gold bronze gloss clear

                                     Apply on forehead and upper lips

In the same way you applied illuminator on your cheeks and nose, apply liquid illuminator on your forehead and your upper lips. This gives them a very attractive radiant healthy look.


                                  Blend in liquid illuminator with a sponge

After applying the liquid illuminator on your cheek, nose-bridge, forehead and upper lip, the next step is to blend it in with a sponge. This makes the glow more natural.


Liquid illuminators are not difficult to apply. After one or two trials you are certain to get the hang of it. Pick up your Lexi Noel Beauty liquid illuminator online today for only $12 and apply it correctly today! Available in 3 colors.

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