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How To Use Apply A Lip Liner and How To Choose The Right Color

How To Use Apply A Lip Liner and How To Choose The Right Color

So what is the point to using a lip liner? That is probably the most asked question regarding this makeup product. It is a really simple answer. Lip liners can make your lips look bigger and fuller WITHOUT the need for surgery or fillers. If you have thin and uneven lips a lip liner can help you create a puckered-up look.

The second most asked question is how do I use lip liners. The steps below answer that question. But first, lets help you learn how to pick the right lip liner  for the effect you want. 


What color should you choose? Simple. Match your liner to your lip color that you will be wearing. Why? Because If you use the wrong color and you’re too heavy-handed, that’s when the liner will bleed into the natural creases you have around your lips and you won't get the desired effect. 



Prepare your lips by applying a balm or lip moisturizer. If you have any dead skin or chapped lips use a lip scrub then dry with a tissue. 


Decide what look your are going for ...exaggerated lips or just a natural shape. Start with the top center of lips and draw around the outer edges of your lips. Like you are tracing them. You can exaggerate the lips or go for a natural shape.


Make sure the tip pointing up, and at the same time push the side of the pencil down on the lip. This makes it easier to draw the outline and fill in all at once. 



Apply your lipstick color


For those moments that your lipstick will fade away, only to leave behind the tinted tracing of your lip color like when you eat your favorite food or drink...simply color in the lines for seamless pigment with your lip liner.

Wearing lip liner is a great way to add that finishing touch to your lip color look and offers great protection. Below is a chart explaining why you should always use a lip liner. Considering investing in buying lip liners in all the lipstick colors you love to show off!

Lexi Noel

how to apply lip liner and why you should use lip liner with your lipstick


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