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How To Pick The Best Eyeshadow For Your Eye Color

How To Pick The Best Eyeshadow For Your Eye Color

Women from ancient times till now have always looked for ways to beautify themselves and accentuate a specific part of the body to showcase its real beauty. Eyeshadows have been in existence for almost as long as makeup itself and it is a vital component when you want your eyes to stand out of the whole look. And as they say, your eyes are a window to your inner self, so exaggerating their color will definitely go a long way to enhancing your entire look.

With different types of eye colors and even more types of shades now available in stores, it is paramount to know which category you fall into and the color shades that best complement them. Your overall style and look can be affected greatly when the wrong eyeshadow is used.

But no need to fret, this article is going to cover everything from the different eye colours to all the possible eye shade that will complement and accentuate your eyes as well as flatter your face.


Best Eye Shadow for your Eye Colour

One of the biggest cosmetic mistakes women make is trying to match the colour of their eyeshadow to the colour of their bag, shoe or the cloth they are wearing; this is a big fashion mishap and should be avoided at all cost. The best way is to choose an eyeshadow colour that will bring out your complexion, complement your hair and flatter your eye colour. Below are some recommended shades based on your eye colour.

Blue Eyes

Blue is a cool color and to bring out the color more, using warm color will definitely work the magic. To make your blue eyes more attractive, try shades like slat grey, taupe and neutral earthy shades. The softer the shades the better and definitely stay away from using blue as it will only dull your eye color and anything dark or smoky eyes should also be avoided.

Grey Eyes

They are hard to find but if this is your eye color then use eyeshadows that will bring out the hidden colors of the eye, which can be blue, green or brown. Smoky eyes also complement this eye color well and a similar hue can be quite the perfect colour.

Light Brown Eyes

If this is your eye color, then you are very lucky as almost any shade will complement it well, it’s like giving a blank canvas to paint anything you want. Gold and reddish brown accentuate it more and dark hue gives you a dramatic sexy look but if you want to make your eyes pop, then go for pink or green and if they happen to have a metallic appearance, it will help you bring out any gold color present in your eyes


Green Eyes                 

This type of eye color is naturally bright and muted shades work best for them helping you bring out the eye’s vibrant nature while bright shades will just create a sharp contrast which might not be very good. Violet, lilac and plum are just some of the best shades for this eye color and try to stay away from cool shade as they just make your eyes look washed.



Hazel Eyes

This eye color is like a cross between green and brown and to make the golden tone prominent, use golden shades that have a bit of yellow in them (your eyes will sparkle). Light purple and pale pink can also help you make your eyes look mysterious.

Dark Brown or Black Eyes

These eye colors are also very flexible in terms of the different types of shades you can use to complement them. To make your eyes pop and look larger, use bold shades like violet, cobalt blue and silver or green to make the brown more pronounced.

On a final note, knowing your eye color and what eyeshadow to use that will complement and flatter that color is the first step to making your eyes the center of attention. The wrong color will cause more damage than good to your overall outlook, so before you apply an eyeshadow next time, settle down and read this article. Everything you need is right here.

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