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How to Fake Full Lips

How to Fake Full Lips


How to Fake Full Lips

Lexi Noel Beauty lip products and this simple lip contouring technique will give you the plump, full lips of your dreams. Take a look below.

Step One: Moisturize and exfoliate

Dry lips can look smaller because they don’t reflect light. The perfect pout begins with a good scrub, like one of Lexi Noel Beauty's Lip Exfoliator Scrubs in Citrus Vacay or Cookies! Or you can dab a bit of moisturizer on your lips and leave it there for five minutes. Next, brush off the dead or dry skin with a toothbrush or our Lip Scrub Exfoliator Tool, exfoliating your lips by gently brushing them in little circles. Not only will this boost circulation, but your lips will look like you dabbed on a bit of color without the extra step!

Apply foundation

A smooth layer of skin-colored foundation can create a larger canvas—and a brighter hue. Start with a blank canvas by applying concealer over your lip line. This trick will keep your lipstick on all day (or night!) long.

Look for "Cupid's bow"

The slight dip at the top of your upper lip? That's Cupid's bow. Using lip liner or lipstick to define it makes your lips pop! Hate liner? Draw a small “X” at the center of your top lip before applying lipstick. 

Overdraw your lip line and blend

Choose a lip liner, like one of Lexi Noel Beauty's Lip Liners in nine shades, that is slightly darker than your natural lip color and trace the liner just slightly outside your natural lip line to avoid the clown look. After you have applied lip liner, use the liner—or another closely matched shade of lipstick—to fill in the space between your new lip line and your natural one. Blend well for a smooth and natural appearance.

Step away from the super-dark lipstick and try two different shades

Dark lipstick will flatten the appearance of your mouth, making your lips look thin. Look for a color a shade or two darker than your natural lip color or try a nude or pale pink to highlight your lips and give the illusion of fullness. Try one of Lexi Noel Beauty's Lip Colors in lipsticks, lip lacquers and lip glosses.

Give your pout more power by choosing a dark, neutral hue for your lips and a lighter one to dab in the middle. If you have a full top lip for a smaller bottom lip (or vise versa), only apply the lighter shade to the opposite lip. Doing so will even your lips out, making them both look fuller.

Apply shiny lip gloss to the middle of your lips

Plump your lips with a shimmery gloss like our Diamond Infused Lip Gloss that will pick up light and illuminate your look. Not into lip gloss? Use a bit of highlighter and blend with concealer.

A Bit of Concealer = Perfection

Use a skinny brush, like our Flat Makeup Brush, to clean up edges for a sharper lip shape and to dab a bit of concealer along your lip line to make your lip color pop! Lexi Noel Beauty Concealers are available in four different shades.

Use the tips to give yourself a kissable pout that pops!

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