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How to Do Your Makeup in 15 Minutes

15 minute makeup tips

So, what's the secret to getting ready in a rush? Products that perform double-duty! Moisturizing lip balms with a hint of color and foundations with SPF. Here are some tips on how to do your makeup in 15 minutes or less.

Focus on these areas. Base. Brows and Eyes. Lips. 

Base. Look for a moisturizer that’s tinted and also has an SPF, or a foundation with SPF to minimize the steps in your morning routine; a multipurpose base is crucial when you're trying to get out the door fast. A concealer is good if you need a little more coverage. It hides under-eye fatigue, serves as a highlighter or eyeshadow primer, and can be used as a lip base if you need to take off lipstick and reapply. Lexi Noel Beauty Concealer comes in four shades, light, medium, medium/dark and dark.

Brows and Eyes. Your brows define your face. A brow gel is a great way to get fuller and thicker brows. Full lashes are universally flattering to everyone, so make sure you  find a  mascara that does double duty and lengthens and volumes. Our waterproof mascara is vegan, natural and stays on all day.

Lips. Color on your lips makes a big difference and healthy and hydrated lips make you look more youthful. And you can always use your lipstick for a little color on your cheeks if you're in a pinch. We have lipstick, lip gloss and lip lacquers for all of your needs. Try them all! And red is great if you have to pick just one beauty product because it makes you look like you spent time on your look...when you didn't!

So the next time you're racing for time and need to get out the door in a hurry, remember: base, brows, eyes, lips!

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