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How to Choose Lip Color According to Your Skin Tone

choosing the right lip color

The right lip color can transform your look, but how can you be sure yours is right for you? Your biggest clue is to know your skin's undertone which will help with your beauty and fashion choices. Most people fall into one of two categories: warm (pink) or cool (yellow). People with cooler undertones tend to have fairer skin, while those with warm undertones have a golden or olive hue.

Not sure how to tell? If the veins in your wrist look blue and you look best in silver jewelry, your undertone is cool. If your veins appear to be green and you look better in gold, your undertone is warm. If it's hard to tell, you may have a neutral undertone. 

Let Lexi Noel Beauty help you find the colors that look best on you!

Fair Skin Tones

Women with fair skin should stay away from pale shades of lip color; they make you appear washed out and tired. People with fair skin look radiant in bold and deep colors that provide contrast to their tone. The best lip color for cool undertones have blue- or purple-shaded undertones, so stay away from orangey shades and look toward deep bluish-reds.  

Dark Skin Tones

If you have dark skin, lip colors in deep plum, dark reds, and berries work best because they set off your complexion. Darker skin with cool undertones can go brighter in reds or oranges, while warmer undertones can go deeper with purples and burgundies. 

Olive Skin Tones

If you have olive skin, your undertones are right between yellow and pink, so you have neutral undertones and can wear almost any lip color from reds to pinks, oranges to nudes. The possibilities are endless!

Just remember, your lip color is your choice and you should choose whichever color makes you feel your best.

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