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Makeup Product Looks And Ideas For Summer

Makeup Product Looks And Ideas For Summer

Summer means so much from vacays to cookouts to enjoying those long nights. But summer also means hot weather. That hot weather plays a huge role in what makeup looks will survive the day. Here are some easy looks to beat the heat.



summer eye makeup

Your eye look can vary during the summer depending on if it's a day or night look. For daytime, don't go too dramatic. Keep it natural and simple especially if you are planning to be outside a lot. It will be a fight to keep your makeup look consistent when the summer heat will be working it's way through the layers on your face makeup. It is easier if your eye makeup look is more natural.

When the night arrives enjoy that cool down with a more dramatic look. Have fun with bold eyeshadow colors that play off your outfits. Use waterproof mascara during the day and lashes at night. Invest in a good eye primer to hold your eyeshadow look longer.




Do you notice more breakouts happening during the summer months? That is your skin reacting to the mixture of open pores from sweating and the blocking of pores by layered makeup. It is time to pack that foundation away and invest in a tinted oil free moisturizer that offers sun protection as well. 

Pair up your moisturizer with a good concealer and make sure it has sun protection. Even better, put on a pair of sunglasses when outdoors. Your under eyes will thank you later. 



I love my bronzer during the summer. It just highlights every area you want. Applying bronzer makes my teeth look whiter makes my eyes look brighter and I can highlight my forehead, cheekbones, chin and nose. 

If you are trying to decide which bronzer to buy get a powder bronzer. They are the easiest to apply and least likely to look diminished with the summer heat.



 The most important care you can do for your lips is to moisturize them. Use a SPF on your lips to reduce dryness. It is also time to put away your metallic and dark lip colors and pull out those soft reds, fuchsia, pinks and tinted lip gloss. 

Look for lip colors that have vitamins for your lips and offer moisturizers. Long lasting mattes are a terrific addition since we usually drink more for hydration during the summer. Matte lip colors will require less application and you can add a lip gloss on top of the color for shine. 


Finish up your look with a good setting spray to combat the summer heat. Make sure to pack in your purse oil blotting papers, which are inexpensive but do a great job of keeping your makeup look in place. 

Enjoy all that summer has to offer and make those memories!

Lexi Noel


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