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Easy DIY Halloween Makeup Looks For Your Costume

Easy DIY Halloween Makeup Looks For Your Costume

               5 Easy Halloween Costume Looks Using Store Bought Makeup

            The night is eerily quiet… You shudder and rub your hands together, trying to fight off the cold air. A quick glance behind you reveals pitch blackness, but you still pick up the pace. Someone, or something, is following me. Reluctantly, you start jogging, heart beating faster with each step.

Your destination comes into view. It’s a house, only mere feet away, but fear makes it look miles away. You break into a run as a new sound behind you gets louder and closer. I’m almost there!

Just as you reach the door of the house and shove it open, something large and black leaps out at you. Its face is ghostly white, horrid black tears streaking down its red eyes, the mouth looks like teeth are exposed. 

“Seriously?” you ask, your friend. “How did you do that?” You couldn’t help the admiration in your voice. “Your Halloween look is LIT" Your friend says "Just used some makeup I had!”

So? You just can't have a store bought mask! That's for kids!  You can do WAY better than that!

Just look at all that makeup you spent money on all year, especially the ones you haven't used in while but are still good. You know that red lip color that was just a little to red!


                                           A Thousand Faces

When it comes to Halloween costumes, you have so much variety there are only two things that limit you: Funds and imagination. Well, you’ll be pleased to hear we can offer you a solution to both (aren’t you lucky).

You don’t need to buy an expensive mask or costume for just one night, hey that could be a week's worth of Starbucks or Chipolte !  You can easily make your own and it can end up looking even better than what you see displayed in shops.

And the best part? You can make these scary and fun Halloween looks with little money spent and little skill needed (but it you want that crazy hard look then it helps if you’re innately artistic). Now, let’s get down to business.

We’ve highlighted 5 easy Halloween costume looks that can be made using almost nothing but makeup. A quick note: These Halloween makeup looks are unisex, so both guys and girls can do them. You are welcome. Okay, on to the first look.


                                  Full Skull and Half-Skull

Skulls are popular for Halloween. That is a simple fact. While people mill about in plain, white, skull masks, you can add a touch of flair (and fear) to yours by doing little more than swathing liquid liner over large sections of your face.

For a full skull mask, almost every inch of your face will see eye liner, brow liner or gel, because they all work very well. Consider Lexi Noel Brow Pencil for thisLexi Noel Beauty Eye Brow Pencil project. Paint your lids with the gel; move the brush down to paint under your eyes; go even lower to your nose and then finally your cheeks-pay special care to the hollows of your cheekbones.

Last thing you need to is add thin slashes of black from above your lips all the way to your cheeks, giving off a very realistic imitation of real teeth.

The end result will be a skull face that seems to glow. Pull on black jeans and don a black hoodie and you’ll not only end up looking creepy, you’ll bounce around looking crazy cool too.

And if you feel like adding your own creative touch to it, go right ahead. We actually recommend that, because it simply means your mask will look even more unique. Just try not to overdo and ruin the whole look. See an examples below.


NOTE: For a half-skull mask, repeat the same steps as above, but the makeup should only be applied to the lower half of your face. Refer  below to have an idea of what I am describing.



            Here’s another favorite of Halloween. Zombies are synonymous with blood and gore so you know your make-up will be colorful (just not the happy, bright kind). What’s great thing about zombie makeup is, it’s quite easy.

            This is the one mask you probably need the least skill and talent to pull off. For materials, you need little more than under-eye liquid liner, red lip gloss and liquid lipstick, and of course black eyeshadow palette. A Perfect combo is Lexi Noel Beauty Feroce Palette for our pigmented black eyeshadow and Lexi Noel Beauty Metallic Red color Noel or even Rockstar

The dark colors mostly go round the eyes but since it’s a zombie mask, you have the freedom to be considerably more creative with colors. Just maintain this constant: Red and black should dominate all other colors, because ‘blood’ is going to be your most distinctive feature when masking as a zombie. When done right, such a mask can be terrifying.



No, we don’t mean Edward from Twilight. That is not a vampire, and nothing you say can convince us he is. You can’t change our minds, so don’t bother.

Having said that, and much to our dismay, we have neither the power nor fan-base to spread and impose our belief on Team Edward and the rest of the blind masses. So for the sake of this list, we have to include Edward’s vampire look here too (there, happy?).

A classic vampire mask is as easy as-if not easier than-a zombie mask. Get yourself some tubes of red lipstick, red liquid lipstick, a pair of red or yellow contact lenses and most important of all, fake vampire fangs. They can just be a cheap pair. You don’t have to buy something overly expensive.

The red liquid lipstick should suffice as fake blood. Smear it around your lips or draw red streaks that bear semblance of blood dripping down your chin. White face paint or a pale foundation can suffice for the sickly, pale skin.Two black and red dots made with lipstick below your neck should be convincing vampire bite-marks. A black outfit should complete the look.

That’s pretty much it. Now go out there and be the Edward you’ve always wanted to be (with any luck, you’ll meet other fellow vamps along the way. vampire makeup 2018


                                               Stitched-Up Mouth

            This one’s perhaps the most creative and unique of the bunch, which is why it’s very popular during Halloween, and it’s synonymous with so many horror flicks, so that could be another factor.In all honesty though, this mask looks downright weird, unique and creepy. In other words, we like it!

Get yourself some blush, black lipstick, red and black eyeshadow, lip balm, eye liner, thread, eyelash glue, tweezers, liquid lipstick and the most important material, wire.

A stitched-up mouth mask takes quite a while to be completed though (at least a few hours), but it’s worth the wait. Check out the image below to see proof of this. It looks awesome, doesn’t it?halloween top makeup looks



            Yes, we’re well aware there’s really nothing creepy about such a mask, but it still looks great. Besides, it’s our list, so yeah…

You can tweak this mask to look either fierce or sultry (with such options, you can’t go wrong either way). The materials you’ll need are few. Green, orange or yellow contact lenses will give you that fierce, eerie look of a predator, so we recommend getting a pair if you can. A shimmery bronzer, fake cat nose( or draw one in) highlighter and golden dye are the rest of the things you’ll need.

The dye is not an absolute must but it helps if you want to change your hair color to look like a lioness’ brownish-gold fur. You can look for a temporary color or even a wig!

halloween easy costume ideas lexi noel beauty

Well that’s it for this list. We’re pretty sure at least one of these sweet Halloween makeup ideas will work for you, and you can use clothes in your closet or some inexpensive outfits to add them. Look at the materials and see which are most readily available to you, then look at the ideas and think about which one will best fit you.

Don’t spend too long doing this though. The ultimate point of all this is for you to have fun, so don’t go wasting too much time on making a decision. Just pick the one that feels comfortable to do and get to work.

Halloween is right around the corner, so you should check what you have your makeup bag now. Use a combination of your friends doing the costumes to go out in style with your friends and make a statement! 

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