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Best Makeup Looks For The Holidays

Best Makeup Looks For The Holidays

It's that time of year again when parties, concerts and holiday events make us girls want to sparkle and stand out. Makeup is another accessory of our outfit. The right bold look can pull together the entire look and have you stand out among the rest. There are simple makeup touches you can do that will have everyone notice your holiday sparkle !



lexi noel beauty makeup highlighter


Highlighters in the right contours and spaces on your face can give you that shimmer and glow. For this look do a completed brush of highlighter on the cheekbones and eyelids. 



Cat eyes were once all the rage as a trend but they haven't totally gone away. When it comes to dramatic eyes nothing screams more for them than the holiday season. Where in a dark crowded party room or concert having your eyes stand out as first contact is perfect. To add even more boldness complete the look with lashes




Make a bold statement when holding your drink at the party that not only do you have fantastic lips but that your nails match your look! Go for that look by paring up this season's hot metallic lip colors along with a hot metallic nail color. 




Smokey eyes have come a long way. Today's version is just a hint of its past look. Now smokey eyes are less dramatic but still give off that mysterious look. It looks more natural to the eye. But don't think paired with your makeup it won't be any less dramatic in making you stand out in front of all the rest. 



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