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Best Makeup And Beauty Deals For Holiday Gifts At Ulta, Sephora and Online Shopping

Best Makeup And Beauty Deals For Holiday Gifts At Ulta, Sephora and Online Shopping

Best makeup deals for gift at Ulta, Sephora And Online

The holidays are a perfect time to look your very best with amazing products from your retailers and to share those products as gifts for family and friends.  For the beauty enthusiast, it’s time  to trash that foundation that makes your face sticky and stock your makeup kits with quality products so you can glitter into a New Year.

If you’re a makeup pro or a novice, you’d probably be thinking of visiting either a store online or any retail beauty store around you for some good products.

But if you’re in search of great deals from these products, huge retailers like ulta, sephora could be your style or maybe a boutique online store like Lexi Noel Beauty can help you save at least 10-25% off the normal price of any purchase.

Here’s a proof of how your retailers are willing to make you and your gifts glitter this season with good deals and steals.


Ulta and Sephora

Whether you’re purchasing for your self or loved ones as a gift, you can get more for less when you shop at ulta or sephora this season. You can buy more and save more with 20% off every purchase made with a credit card in ulta . And also get a free makeup bag worth $20 with a mac lipstick on hitting 3 Points bonus by making a purchase of $75 with a mac lipstick in sephora . However, you can also save up to 10% of every single purchase like

  • Radiant primer - You can watch the perfecting of your face while you slay into a New Year with the radiant primer. It gives you a flawless and stunning glow. And it’s been sold for $15 at ulta instead of $25 while in sephora you can get it at $20.
  • Water resistant lip gloss – you can save up to $8 at a purchase of this from ulta and $10 at sephora. This lip gloss was previously sold at $20 and now $10 at Sephora. The water resistant lip gloss just has a super plumping effects that draws attention to your lips. Making you sparkle.
  • Mac brow pencil ($10) - Every slay queen would probably knows what mac’s brow pencil does. It’s finishing is artistic and can make your brows look natural. Well, this can be a perfect gift as you can also save up to $7 both in ulta and sephora. Previously, you could get at $17.


Lexi Noel Beauty

Ulta and Sephora carry mostly mainstream makeup brands, but there are many online makeup companies that provide just as good if not better than that pricey Anastasia Beverly Hills  or Urban Decay Palette. Once such company like Lexi Noel Beauty offers high quality makeup at a great prices and even a 15% discount shopping code: gifts. Want an even better bonus how about free shipping with NO MINIMUM order! Our favs include:

  • Lexi Noel Beauty Pick A Palette - take a look at your palettes in your makeup drawer. How many of the colors did you ACTUALLY use? 1? 2? 3? So you may have paid as much as 20 dollars per color! With Lexi Noel Beauty Pick A Palette you get your choice of 9 colors from over 30! They are highly pigmented, the colors are a wide range and they are all made in the USA. Cost is $35 without the discount code. As code: gifts for another 15% off that price. 
  • Lexi Noel Beauty Lip Colors - From lip gloss, lipsticks to lip lacquers you have a great choice of colors and long lasting. Best of all they are mineral based which means they are healthy for your lips! And doesn't want healthy kissable lips. Lip colors run from $16-$22 but don't forget to apply your discount code. 
  • Lexi Noel Beauty  Color Splash Highlighter - WOAH stop! This highlighter is incredible. Perfect for touch ups on your face or shoulders or really anywhere you want that perfect realistic glow!. $40 minus the 15% off. 


Perhaps you know a beauty enthusiast and you willing to get her a Lexi Noel Beauty highlighter powder, Mac lipstick, shimmering  eye shadow or any product that would make her feel good and stunning. Ulta, Sephora and Lexi Noel Beauty has amazing offers for all them pretty girls who want to look prettier and who want to give the gift of beauty. And of course Ulta, Sephora and Lexi Noel Beauty all offer gift cards in case you can't decide. Add in your discount codes and its the perfect choice to help you save more while you gift this holiday season and even a treat for yourself. 



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