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5 Step Skincare Routine For Dry Winter Sensitive Skin

5 Step Skincare Routine For Dry Winter Sensitive Skin

Welcome to winter skin where signs of drying appear on your face, hands and feet. The cold clear days of winter bring more than just a rosy glow your cheeks. Exposure to the heat indoors makes skin start to dry out then combine that with Winter air that is often dry and you find yourself not liking the skin you are in. There are 5 steps you can take to give yourself a winter skincare routine that will bring back that softness you love. 



That favorite moisturizer that you used during the summer just isn't working. Why? Because most moisturizers are water based but for your winter skincare you need to find a moisturizer that's oil-based.  An oil based moisturizers will create a protective layer on the skin that retains more moisture than a cream or lotion. 




With winter comes the need to look at your dietary intake of certain foods and hydration.  Consider adding to your daily intake a diet rich in walnuts, olive oil, and avocados. Increase your intake of water for skin hydration. Reduce your intake of alcohol and coffee.


3. Exfoliate Your Skin



Why do you need to exfoliate your skin? Without exfoliation your skin will stay dry no matter how many creams you apply. Exfoliation prepares your skin for penetration of creams and lotions. Simply apply it with a wet washcloth and swap it for your regular cleanser about two times a week.


4. USE A Antioxidant Serum


Antioxidants is perfect for sensitive skin which tends to become itchy and flaky in winter. This is one product however, that does not only apply to winter skin but is perfect for year-round usage. Use it right after you take a shower or wash your face. 




You have used face masks all year long should you be using one for Winter? The answer is yes and no. Yes you should be using one but no necessarily the same one you did over the summer. Choosing your facemask for dry winter skin is about the ingredients. A charcoal mask that has ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, olive oil, or jojoba oil. It is important to look for a gentle mask that won't strip your skin of natural oils while clearing out buildup and debris.


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