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10 Easy Holiday Gift Ideas For Women 2020

10 Easy Holiday Gift Ideas For Women 2020

Every year it seems that the holidays come around so fast. And every year it seems harder and harder to find that perfect gift. Well, we have got you covered with inexpensive gift ideas that are just a click away.



For under $20 you can send give someone a great accessory they will love. We never go anywhere without our cellphones so why not add a touch of wow to it. Lexi Noel Beauty has a great selection of cellphone cases from girl boss to beauty lovers. There is a case to fit most personalities and best of all when they get those compliments on your gift it will always remind them of you. 




 You know the person you are getting holiday gifts they love nude colors, maybe they are more gothic, are they into pinks? With over 50 colors to choose from creating a palette is easy to do. Lexi Noel Beauty provides a gorgeous empty palette where you can fill it with 9 colors. Eyeshadows are luxury quality and you can choose the finishes from matte to shimmers. The cost is only $35 dollars for the eyeshadow palette including the colors and the shipping is free. 


 Makeup Vanity Organizer



 Organization is a huge part of everyone's life.  For many of us that does not translate into being a part of our beauty products. Imagine how nice it would be to see your makeup vanity or bathroom counter looking picture perfect. Lexi Noel Beauty vanity organizers put your most used beauty items into stylish containers already labeled. Priced at $13 for all 5 containers.



  Makeup Brush Organizer


Makeup brushes are not what they use to be. Today we have four brushes just to do our eyeshadows and lets not get started on our face. Storing your brushes incorrectly also means risking bacteria contamination on your face. Lexi Noel Beauty not only provides a great way to store your brushes for easy use but they add as a great home accent piece with its well placed makeup quotes on the front. Cost is just $13.99.


Beauty Theme Home Decor

We all love home accents and throw pillows that are beauty themed would be a perfect touch to any living room or bedroom. You can choose from many styles and colors. Cost is $19.99.


Travel Mug


Whether its a cup of coffee or tea we all love and sometimes need that pick me up to start our day. A travel mug is a great accessory and makes a great gift. Cost is $9.99


Desk Accessory


With so many of us working from home decorating our work space with fun accessories has become a necessity. We don't want our home space to feel the same as where we work. We want the separation. Adding in those special personalized touches makes for a great gift. Cost is $8.99




Who doesn't love that comfy sweatshirt or t shirt that we love to live in? They both make perfect gifts. Add in PJ pants and some warm socks and you have binge night wardrobe. Cost starts at $14.99.


Lip Scrubs

 With fall and winter weather comes  the need to treat our lips. Lip scrubs make the perfect gift. They come in many scents from cookies to citrus to even unscented. Include Lexi Noel Beauty lip scrubbing tool  to set this gift on to the path of perfect lips. Cost $7 for each scrub and $7 for the tool.



Have you run our of ideas or time for the holidays? Then gift cards are your perfect solution. Lexi Noel Beauty offers electronic gift cards starting at just $10.    


Shopping for the holidays can be stressful, but it makes it easier when you can find gift ideas that you know will be loved and used. 






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